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Hello!  My name is Kevin Twingstrom. I have spent my entire life as an IT enthusiast.  My passion eventually turned to the professional realm and I pursued a degree in Information Systems and Technology.  I have been working on computers since I was a teenager and have over 4 years of professional experience in many areas of IT.  Keep scrolling to see how I can help you out today!



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Areas of Expertise

Custom builds

Can provide assistance with custom builds.  Whether you need help building a gaming computer or a workhorse for professional graphics editing I can provide services to help.  

Computer tune-ups

If your computer is aging and just simply not running as fast as it once was, I can assist with a tune up.  I can assist with de-junking your filesystem and get your computer running like it was the day you bought it

Data Recovery

If you have lost data due to accidental deletion or due to a broken computer that no longer boots, or any number of other reasons I can assist with data recovery.

Education Sessions

I can provide educational sessions for clients who want to learn more about how to use their computer.  This can be anything from basic Windows/Mac functionality to how to use Microsoft Office to getting started with a home-built server running Linux.  Contact me for details!

Malware and Virus recovery

If your computer has been compromised by a virus or other malware I can assist with recovery of data and machine functionality.  I'll have you back up and running in no time.

Home Networking Assistance

If you are paying out the nose for an internet connection that just doesn't seem any faster than before you upgraded then I can help you get the speeds you are looking for.  From optimazation to hardware and infrastructure reccommendations we can get you the speed you are paying for.



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